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The History of the Ronneburg Restaurant


Illustration of the Ronneburg Castle's front gate

Our roots were established by a religious movement known as the "Community of True Inspiration" which was founded in the early 1700's in Germany by Lutheran clergyman and their followers.  After breaking away from the Church, these individuals faced unyielding persecution which forced them to emigrate in 1842 to Ebenezer, New York.  Wishing to establish a permanent home, the leaders moved west to the fertile lands of Iowa thus establishing the Amana Community of True Inspiration in 1855.

The system of the early Amana was a pure communal system motivated by deep religious convictions.  They established themselves as a completely self-sufficient society, requiring little contact with the "outside" world.

This system survived for over 80 years before economic and social changes led wise leaders to develop a new plan for society members which permitted private ownership of property.  After this change, each home now had its own kitchen instead of the communal kitchen where everyone ate together.

Early picture of the Ronneburg Restaurant

The Ronneburg Restaurant served their first customers in this building in 1950.  The name "Ronneburg" comes from a medieval fortress in Hesse, Germany, bearing the same name, which sheltered and sustained our ancestors during their persecution over 200 years ago.

The atmosphere in our dining room differs considerably from that of austere communal days.  Back then, the men ate at one table while the women and children ate at another.  Fifteen minutes were allowed for a meal and you were expected to use it for eating.  Conversation was frowned upon and music was strictly forbidden.

From the authentic German foods served in our dining rooms to the lighthearted singing in the beer garden, we offer to our guest our love of good food, good fun and our rich heritage.

We invite you and your friends and family to be our guests again.  Thank you for choosing the Ronneburg Restaurant while visiting the Amana Colonies.